• About solarXbike

    SolarXbike is an pre-incubation start-up project supported by Lund Innovation. In the project, a team of four enthusiasts are building …

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    Member as a part of the charging network

  • Charging station

    solarXbike is a open charging standard for light electric vehicles.

  • Bicycles

    We support the following type of bikes in our system. Donkey Republic rental bikes Fellowship, which is a member based …


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Membership for resilience

To get access to our services, you need to be a member of our network. As a member you get access to many benefits, but you are also expected to share your experiences.

Your feedback will enable us to learn more about the issues that arise when using our products, which helps us handle issues before they occur to others and can develop the weak points that exist.

We call this resilience.

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(e)-mobility as a service

We offer mobility as a service where we share the responsability fr our resources and pay for usage

Our services are customized for different needs of transportation.


Convinence charging where you are Batteries are heavy Sometimes your battery is empty

Health benefits

Increased wellbeing and better resilience.


Save the environment by sustainability and renewable energy  


Low cost and resource efficient.